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Tamarac Island Wellness May 28, 2011 

Have You Had Your  “B”s Today?


   As I “mature” I liken myself to the Cardinal (the bird that is).

There are times I wish to be out there, rather flamboyantly, and times when I would rather be home nesting (Playing hooky).

    Women Who Run with Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estés) explains the essential need for a women to have downtime to be creative as, “A women must rest now, rock now, regain her focus. She must become younger, recover her energy… A creative woman has to rest now and return to her intense work later.”

    Unfortunately as women we often subconsciously feel we need to become ill to allow ourselves this perceived luxury.

    We need to understand this downtime is essential. We are not being lazy.  For our overall health and wellbeing we really need to get that waiting and being patient   are actions. We are doing something!

    Do we need to stay in a funk for hours, days, weeks to fill this need?  Not at all!!!

    The more we accept and honour this need without guilt the shorter it becomes. Our desire to bounce back takes over and we ready to face the world again.

    How can we snap ourselves out of this space when we feel like we’ve had enough?


 By Adding a Dose of the Bs.  Aside from taking the actual vitamins here are 3 things you can do to Lighten Up:


Be BOLD: Look at or wear something bright and colourful!

Be BOISTEROUS: Put on your favourite song and sing as loud as you can. What do you mean you started dancing too???

BELLY LAUGH: Fake it at first if you must! It has been scientifically proven to work! Make a face at yourself in a mirror until just like this baby you are laughing for the pure joy of it!!


Hey!  Have YOU had YOUR Laugh today?  Just DO it! 

By Carolyn Shannon

  Venting Creatively

From Carolyn's Column, Lighten UP! Published In What Women Want Plus More

Copyright 2010 Carolyn Shannon

Carolyn Shannon of teaches fun venting techniques including Art from the Heart Adventures. Carolyn lives and works in Niagara Falls ON Canada.


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